Community Action Plan

Purpose of the Mid Sask Municipal Alliance Community Action Plan

The Mid Sask Municipal Alliance region is currently facing issues dealing with housing, infrastructure, health and educational services, major developments and the challenge of retaining people. Each municipality recognizes the need to work together to solve these issues and to gain strength from one another for the long term betterment of the region. By discussing their concerns and beliefs, the group was able to develop key goals and strategies that will shape their future and improve the quality of life in for residents in their region. This document was developed utilizing information obtained during planning sessions facilitated by the Municipal Capacity Development Program (MCDP) on November 18th 2009, February25th, 2010, March 25th, 2010 and April 22nd, 2010.

Community Action Planning: The Purpose and Process

A number of changes are taking place across the province, the planning process involves taking into consideration the past, present and future trends in an area and using that information to plan out the development of a region. The planning process helps municipalities to uncover the human, financial and partnering resources in their area and provides a framework to use those assets efficiently. Planning as an area wide initiative results in: an optimum use of resources (human, financial, etc.); avoids duplication of services; increases the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery; allows for consistent regulations and policies; and creates an overall better quality of life for everyone.

Community Action Planning or Strategic Planning is not a response to short term fluctuations but is concerned with the long-term direction that a municipality is moving towards. It is the process by which the guiding members of an organization look to its future and develop the procedures and operations necessary to achieve that future.

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