About Us

The Mid Sask. Municipal Alliance region is currently facing issues dealing with housing, infrastructure, health and educational services, major developments and the challenge of retaining people. Each municipality recognizes the need to work together to solve these issues and to gain strength from one another for the long term betterment of the region. By discussing their concerns and beliefs, the group was able to develop key goals and strategies that will shape their future and improve the quality of life in for residents in their region.


“We are a progressive group of small and large communities in a rural setting committed to working together as a regional collective for the long term betterment of the area. Our richness in agriculture, potash and manufacturing creates a strong economy for the region and the province. The area supports a variety and abundance of wildlife and numerous tourist sites and opportunities. Our region contains cooperative and ambitious community spirits that create a unique quality of life for everyone.”


“Our group is working together to sustain, build and grow the communities in the region. By sharing information and resources, and identifying our strengths and opportunities we are finding solutions to common problems and improving the quality of life in the region. We believe that progress is important to enhance the communities and strengthen the region. Our co-operative efforts are intended to preserve the past while improving the lifestyle and quality of life for present and future generations.


Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity:
Our group will move forward with transparent agendas and will portray ourselves honestly to residents, rate payers, newcomers to the area, to governing bodies and to each other as a group.

Dedication and Commitment:
Our group is dedicated to working with and fulfilling responsibilities to reach common goals. We are committed to promote the interests of our communities.

The group will strive to preserve the quality of life in the region and to keep all of the communities healthy, vibrant and thriving. The group will also work to continue the strong partnership between the rural and urban communities in the region.

The group is dedicated to working together as a whole towards common goals. The group believes that the pursuit for common interests will create a stronger voice and better opportunities for the area.

Tolerance and Open-mindedness:
The group is committed to be tolerant of one another’s ideas, opinions and to be open to change. The group will work to promote acceptance of newcomers and diversity of culture and ethnicity. The group will ensure that everyone is heard around the table and will keep an open mind to all ideas.

Logical Thinking:
The group will work toward realistic and achievable goals.

Cooperative, Sharing and Equitability:
The group is dedicated to exhibit true cooperation, trusting each other, listening and working together in making equitable decisions.

To view more detailed information about the MSMA, see the following two documents:
MSMA Regional Profile
Community Action Plan