The Mid Sask Municipal Alliance (MSMA)

“We are a progressive group of small and large communities in a rural setting committed to working together as a regional collective for the long term betterment of the area. Our richness in agriculture, potash and manufacturing creates a strong economy for the region and the province. The area supports a variety and abundance of wildlife and numerous tourist sites and opportunities. Our region contains cooperative and ambitious community spirits that create a unique quality of life for everyone.”

The Mid Sask Municipal Alliance is a dedicated group consisting of the following administrative areas:

The Rural Municipality of LeRoy #339
Rural Municipality of Prairie Rose #309
Rural Municipality of Usborne #310
Town of Lanigan
Town of LeRoy
Town of Nokomis
Town of Watrous
Town of Watson
Resort Village of Manitou Beach
Village of Drake
Village of Jansen

The Mid Sask Municipal Alliance meets once a month in alternating communities to discuss issues dealing with housing, health care, education, infrastructure and major developments. The group identified that by working as a collective, they are able to gain strength from one another for the long term betterment of the region. In 2010, the group completed a community action plan that identified key goals and strategies that will shape their future and improve the quality of life for residents in their area.

The municipalities formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding and are currently discussing the idea of a Regional plan for the area. The members will continue to work towards each goal building a stronger partnership and opening the doors to new opportunities along the way.

Left to Right: Ken Crowter - Town of LeRoy, Bruce Elke- R.M. of Prairie Rose, Hazel Eddy- Town of Nokomis, John deGooijer – Town of Watson, Wilf Snider – R.M. of Usborne, Elwyn Beeler – Town ofWatrous, Peter Nicholson – Village of Drake, Bernie Bishop – Town of Lanigan